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For Mullin, it was supposed to be a time of peace and quiet by a river. Maybe a little fishing, maybe a little loafing. And then the hikers arrived. A man and a woman. And Mullin's autumnal repose was shattered . . .

From the
"heart-whamming" (Publishers Weekly) keyboard of James Scott Bell comes a story in the tradition of Lawrence Block and Elmore Leonard––a taut tale of life interrupted and seriously disturbed.

“Inventive and dramatically appealing.” ––
Lawrence Block

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No Laughing Matter cover
No Laughing Matter

Sometimes, comedy can seem like death…

For Pete "The Harv" Harvey, stand up comedy is a serious business. At least, he wants it to be. But the struggle to make it in the glitter dome of L.A. hasn't exactly been a smashing success.

One night, after bombing onstage at a local club, Pete wonders if his next stop is managing a car wash. Then a man sits next to him at the bar--a man with an almost unbelievable proposition. One that could mean a whole lot of money to Pete "The Harv" Harvey, who will soon learn that deals too good to be true are no laughing matter.

Kindle Exclusive